Side Loading Garbage Truck“Our condominium association is a brand new customer. I think the 3-yard container was delivered yesterday. Anyway, when my husband took out the trash (his job) last night he said the dumpster was so full he could not fit another thing in it. No problem, I would just call River Parish Disposal in the morning. As fate would have it I left the complex about 5:15 this morning and one of your trucks passed down Cambronne onto Oak Street. I followed it to Maple Leaf and told Theo the driver my problem. He would not have been more helpful. He checked his list, called his dispatcher a few times and then followed me around the corner to pick up the trash. The rider immediately determined it was a front loader and they could not help me but said they would call it in. Well, when I got home an hour later the pick up had been made! I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated Theo and his rider taking the time to try to solve the problem. They must have begun their day with a hundred stops to make. River Parish apparently stresses the importance of customer service. I know we chose the right company!”

Fran, Oak Street Condominiums