Clean Up Tips For Storm PrepIn Orleans Parish, dial 311 to report clogged catch basins. The representative will request the nearest street address to where the catch basin is located. A dispatch will be made to the Department of Public Works, who will clear the clogged drains. However, residents have a responsibility to do their part in keeping catch basins clear, allowing the water to run freely into the drainage system. Residents must bag all leaves, lawn clippings, twigs, and debris, and dispose of them properly through the trash collection system.

In Jefferson Parish, call the Drainage Department at 504-736-6751 to report clogged catch basins. Residents are requested to keep the catch basins around their homes free and clear of debris. It is imperative not to blow lawn clippings and leaves into the street, where rainwater will carry them into nearby catch basins causing potential street flooding. Instead, residents are encouraged to put all of this debris into trash bags for trash collection.

In St. Bernard Parish, call the Department of Water and Sewer at 504-271-1681 to report clogged catch basins. Also, in Plaquemines Parish, citizens are asked to do their part in the reduction of street flooding by clearing debris from drains around their homes. However, if there are any drainage problems, contact the Drainage Department at (504) 297-5000, a 24 hour emergency number.

How can residents clear catch basins near their homes? It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it! Work with your neighbors and make sure that all of the catch basins are cleaned in your neighborhood. Put on rubber gloves to manually remove the debris and then extracted dirt, leaves, and debris. Place it in heavy-duty trash bags and placed on the curb on the next trash collection day.

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