In spite of all the lights, shimmer, and glitter, the holidays can be quite messy! There is refuse from the foods we prepare, torn paper from beautifully gift wrapped presents, packaging materials, empty beverage containers, used cups, plates, disposable flatware, empty water bottles, and the like. As we celebrate the season, spreading cheer among family and friends, we need a way to handle the waste that is convenient for all. Our corrugated waste boxes can be strategically placed so that even the youngest party-goer can pick up after themselves. If you want to integrate the waste box into your holiday décor, you could use holiday gift paper or other decorative paper that suits your party theme to camouflage the box and tie a big bow around it. Liners are available for your convenience too.

Our corrugated waste boxes come in one generous size, 29 inches tall by 18 inches square, and holds 40 gallons of trash.

Once filled, the liners can easily be removed and placed in large trash bins waiting for their removal. Liners can be quickly replaced to handle parties of all sizes, from family gatherings to gala events. When trash receptacles are readily available, your guests will make use of them and will not leave there trash around your home. After all, we all want to be on Santa’s “Nice” list at this time of year!

Since we’re inclined to imbibe more spirits during the holiday season, here is a recipe your guests will surely enjoy!

Corrugated Waste Boxes


8 oz Vodka
2 oz orange-flavored Cognac liqueur
8 oz pineapple juice
4 oz lemonade
4 oz orange juice
8 oz club soda
A dash or two of cinnamon
Frozen berries (blueberries, blackberries, strawberries

Combine all ingredients in a pitcher or punch bowl. Serve chilled.

Remember to have a designated driver if you’ re drinking this punch! Safety first!

Let’s talk trash!
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Happy Holidays from our family to yours!