Let’s Talk Trash….Holiday Trash!

Did you know that between Thanksgiving and New Year’s American households generate 25% more waste which is about 1 million tons of household waste. This includes everything from wrapping paper and Amazon boxes to old electronics. We give a lot in America, and we’ve got some ideas to help reduce some of the leftovers.

Here are a few simple ways to reduce your holiday waste:

Christmas Trees:

Did you know that you can give your Christmas Tree to help re-build the wetlands? Christmas trees are recycled throughout Southeast Louisiana to create natural barriers as protection against coastal erosion. Only trees that have been completely stripped of ornamentation are accepted for recycling. Flocked trees are not acceptable. At the recycling centers, volunteers bind the trees tightly with twine to create a dense woody mass to slow the speed of the water and capture sedimentation. The bound trees are corralled in a fenced in area across the various marshes. Barges deliver the trees to their destinations.


Leftovers are always great whether it is from a party of just the immediate family coming over. But, if you have a little  too much leftovers, it may mean that it will go bad and simply be thrown away. So, before the holiday guests have left, invite them to take a doggy bag filled with turkey, ham, sides, and any other treats. It is the perfect, re-gift that all of your guests will appreciate at home. Tip: Make sure you put aside your own doggy bag filled with leftovers otherwise you may not have any. 

Gift Wrapping:

Save the Bows! I do not know about your grandmother, but both my mom and my grandmother love to save the bows, bags and sometimes even the gift wrapping. This is actually a great idea. It not only reduced the trash, but it also gives you a secret stash of wrapping items to go to for birthdays and other holidays. Maybe mom and grandma were right. Gift wrapping leftovers are also great for arts and crafts projects. The beautiful wrapping paper can be used in scrap books, collages and even to help protect your ornaments in the off season.

Tin Containers:

If your received cookies this year, you may have some of these great tin containers. Don’t throw them away. They are great for storing ornaments in and another items. Plus, you can also bake some cookies and return it with as a  thank you.

The River Parish Disposal team wishes everyone Happy Holidays and a safe New Year!