Thanksgiving Trash – How To Avoid A Smelly Garbage Can

Thanksgiving TrashThanksgiving is all about family and, of course, about the food. We all know there are plenty of leftovers to send home with the folks, but some food cannot be saved and will ultimately end up in the trash. Since most pick-up companies observe the holiday, your trash may not get picked up on its regular day and food in your garbage might start to smell.

What You Can Do

From oyster dressing, to Brussels sprouts or cabbage, to meat and/or fish some of those delicious dishes will end up in your trash can. Some of them will most likely come from unfinished plates. Unfortunately, these discarded food items are a good recipe for some smelly trash cans.

River Parish Disposal Trash Recipe

Putting a newspaper at the bottom of  your trash or garbage can help prevent it from smelling in the future, but if your trash pick up day is further out, you may have to take more drastic measures. After all, this is New Orleans and there is always a chance for a warm and muggy Thanksgiving. One sure way to avoid some smelly trash is putting the food you will throw out in a plastic bag and store it in your freezer for a couple of days. That way it won’t start rotting in your trash. You could also place some of the food waste in sealable plastic bags before placing it in your garbage can. Another way of keeping food out of your trash: try composting it! Compost is rich in nutrients and your plants and vegetables be thankful.

River Parish Disposal

rear-loading garbage trucksThe River Parish Disposal team would like to wish you and your family a happy Thanksgiving! River Parish Disposal offers a range of cost-effective contract and short-term waste collection and disposal services to commercial and residential customers, event rentals and the area’s largest selection of waste receptacles and roll-off containers. Our trained drivers are always safe, courteous, respectful and professional, and our waste collection, transfer and disposal services are always operated in a manner conforming to all safety laws and within EPA compliance.