What is a cardboard baler?

What is a Cardboard Baler?

Corrugated cardboard packaging represents the largest percentage of the packaging industry, which accounts for $17 billion of the overall industry annually. Because over 90% of all packages are shipped in corrugated packaging in North America, old corrugated cardboard (OCC) represents the largest segment of municipal solid waste. Over 90% of OCC packaging originates from the commercial sector. Cardboard balers are used by this non-residential sector in order to compress and compact OCC packaging into manageable bales so they can be transported more easily to the recycling center or waste facility. Balers are used in a host of different industries, which includes but is not limited to manufacturing, retail stores, recycling facilities, and schools.

There are some profound reasons why balers have grown in popularity. Fines are imposed on companies that do not abide by environmental laws in their communities. Cardboard balers help these companies abide by these rules and regulations, thus avoiding fines for failure to comply. Also, balers help reduce costs in waste disposal. By having been compacted, more bales can fit into each load of waste removal, and if a company does not recycle at its own facility, the bales can possibly be sold to recyclers for an additional income stream. Baled materials also take up less space, requiring less space for storage between collection times. This step acts as a safeguard for the health and safety of the personnel at the facility. Pride is taken in complying with environmental rules and regulations, producing a feel good factor. The feel good factor alone is a profound enough reason for your company to own or lease a cardboard baler.

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