snowball FlavorsMost natives think immediately about their favorite flavors when asked this question. However, when it comes to ice type, most will argue ice that’s powder-like makes the basis of a great snoball experience. Then they will debate which stand sells the best snoballs. It all depends on what part of town or the suburbs you live in as to which stand you frequent the most. Also, there are the sentimental favorites.

Most snoball stands use proprietary syrup recipes that remain secret. These recipes begin with a foundation of simple syrup to which flavors and colors are added. That is where the secrets lie! Sno Wizard sells snoball machines, syrups, and supplies to prospective vendors. These machines create powder-like snow for the ultimate New Orleans snoball experience.

A popular trend at birthday parties, social events, and corporate events is to have a snoball truck serving snowballs to order. They bring the snoball stand to your party or event. Your friends, family, or colleagues can order their favorite flavors to cool down with this sweet treat. Old and young alike enjoy a good snoball now and again. They might even go back for seconds!

Here’s a starting point for contacting vendors to serve up some fun at your next social gathering:

To wash up those sticky hands after enjoying these snoballs, rent a hand washing station from us for the day of your event. Your guests will truly be impressed with your careful attention to details. Our Hand Washing Station is a portable sink that can be delivered to your location for your next event and picked up the next day. The station features a 22-gallon tank of fresh water with the capacity to wash approximately 350 times before it is necessary to refill water tank. The station is operated with a hands-free foot pedal. Included in the rental is the hand soap and the drying towels. Contact Customer Service to inquire how we can help make your next event special by calling (504) 738-7700 or email us at lilgator@bizstinks.com